Friday, October 31, 2008

Researching Your Niche Market

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

Welcome! October has been the month for discussing niches. In the last K-cast, we
looked at niches in general and how to decide on, and refine your niche.

This week takes the focus on niches even further.

I'm joined by Nanci Biddle, who calls herself "The Boundary Queen." Her Web site is Nanci works with women and her tagline is "taking care of you while you take care of business."

Today she is exploring how a coach can effectively research a new niche market, and connect with prospective clients in this new area. Nanci describes her new niche market as "Baby Boomers taking care of mom or dad."

Her questions for me include:

1. What is the best resource to find women who are taking care of their parents?

2. What is the best way to find out what their needs are?

3. If I created a survey, what are some great questions to ask?

4. Where else could I display the survey besides on my website?

5. How can I offer the most value and what price would be appropriate?

I think you'll find this K-Cast especially useful in finding the right focus for your coaching practice. If you're exploring new niche possibilities and wondering just how to find, and take advantage of, the resources and tools available to you, take a listen.

Click on the title bar to listen to the streaming audio, or right-click to save it to your computer for later listening.


Love and Great Joy,


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Exploring Niches

Hello Magnificent Coaches

The newest K-Cast is here and this time I'm joined by Beth Morton, a Life Transition Coach. Beth supports people as they go through a bit of identity crisis and face challenging life milestones such as going to college, newlywed, new parents, and so on. More about Beth and her practice can be found at her website

My conversation with Beth revolves around the subject of coaching niches - how to pick one and how to make that niche profitable for you.

The questions Beth asks are ones I hear quite often from new coaches. Here's just a taste of what we discussed:

  1. Why should a coach choose a niche?
  2. What's a good way to narrow down a niche?
  3. How can you declare yourself an expert if you're just starting out?
  4. Once you declare a specialty, how can you still keep yourself open to coaching those that fall outside your niche?
Thank you Beth for the wonderful conversation. I know that this subject will be very helpful for new coaches and those coaches seeking more clarity on defining there niche.

Remember to click on the Title Bar for this week's K-cast to activate the streaming audio, or 'right-click' to download it to your computer.


Love and Great Joy,


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