Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Easily Generate Recurring Income

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NOTE! This is a longer-than-normal K-Cast, running about twice the usual length.

Hello, Magnificent Coaches,

This month's K-Cast finds me in a conversation about making the shift from group coaching into a continuity program.

I'm joined in this dialog by Stephany Burrowes, of Sensational Wisdom. She is a coach who, as many of us, is 'on a mission;' in her case "to live in the Heart of Beauty while facilitating the emergence and flowering of each person’s exquisite perfection which already exists within every one of us." What a beautiful expression of her chosen life path!

Her coaching practice focuses on working with creatives: artists, writers, and performers. You can read more in the pages of her Web site:

We start with the basics, but move on rapidly from there. Initially, Stephany asks me:
  • What is a continuity group?
  • Who is it for?
  • What are the ideal minimum and maximum numbers for the group?
  • Should you have more than one group?
  • How often do you meet?
  • Should it be Content or Theme driven?
  • What do you charge?
Other questions she and I discuss are:
  • Why do a continuity group?
  • Does it work if you do not have a clear niche?
  • How does it combine with individual coaching?
  • What are the benefits for the clients, and the coach?
We also delve into continuity group marketing, and member retention. Part of retention is creating significant value above and beyond the actual phone sessions - but what should you offer? That is the question! Stephany and I explore the possibilities.

There's so much more to this K-Cast than I can share here. I suggest you click on the title bar above and listen in. We discuss many of the technical issues in putting together, and running a successful continuity program. If you've been considering adding one to your coaching practice, this is a great place to start.

Until next time, I wish you ease, and joy!

Love and Great Joy,


P.S. If you'd like to see the landing page for my continuity program, the eCommunity Mentor Coaching Club, go to: It may spark some ideas!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Coach as Artist

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

The second K-Cast for August finds me joined in conversation
with Almah LaVon Rice, the founder of Owl Dance and Moon:
Creativity Coaching. You can learn more about
Almah and her coaching practice here.

She coined "eco-ecstatic creativity coaching" to describe the
coaching techniques she uses to help clients establish playful,
joyous rapport with the creative forces of Nature and the worlds

Here are her questions:

1. How is the coach like an artist?

2. How do you spark clients' creativity and ability to generate
options when they're feeling blocked, stuck, and stumped?

3. How do you balance innocence (spontaneity, creativity,
curiosity, no "agenda") and mastery (experience, credentials,
knowledge) as a coach? How can you be fresh and daring ...and be
confident about the value you're offering?

4. How do you "co-create" with Spirit (or allow yourself to be a
creative channel) in your coaching sessions?

5. What is coaching's role in composing a new world? How can
coaching set the stage for positive, visionary social/ecological

Absolutely marvelous questions; the answers take you deep within
to explore the creative being within. Almah and I invite you to
listen in, and enjoy!

Love and Great Joy,


Friday, August 14, 2009

How Spiritual Alignment Increases Productivity

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

You may have noticed that there were no K-Casts during the month of July - our focus was on the Upgrade Your Business Now consultations. We're all pleased with the major breakthroughs experienced by many of our participants - it was phenomenal to share in them!

Now, we're returning to the regular K-Cast schedule. My guest for this first K-Cast of August is Jamie Durner, BodyMind Coach. She works with her clients using a a bodymind centered approach to help you discover healing and harmony from the inside out. Interested in learning more? You can visit her Web site at:

She came to me to explore the connection between alignment and productivity. Here are the questions we used as the foundation for our conversation:

1. How can you use the number of clients in your practice to give you clues in terms of overall alignment with your truth?

2. How does the balance between doing and being as a coach allow for productivity to show up in abundance?

3. What's the difference between staying positive and focusing on the 98% that's working and being open to the cues from the BodyMind in relation to where your practice is in terms of productivity and success?

4. What are the steps or pieces of information a coach needs to define the optimal level of productivity?

5. What are the key elements I need (or a coach needs) to tap into discovering these answers?

I believe you'll be surprised by many of my answers, but I know you'll find the conversation engaging and enlightening.

Love and Great Joy,


P.S. I want you to be aware that you can join the Mentor Coaching
right now, and lock in the low monthly rate of $147.00. The
cost will be going up to $247.00 on August 26th, but if you join now
you'll lock in the $147.00 rate for the life of your membership.

You so deserve to have the support of a mentor who knows what it takes
to build a thriving business. And you deserve to have the support
of a community of coaches who can help you find your most brilliant

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What if Public Speaking Isn't Your Forte?

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

My guest is the delightful Ellie Jacques-Capon, of She works with creatives of
all sorts, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists; looking to take their
lives to the next grander vision of themselves.

In building her own coaching practice, Ellie is clear about
one thing: she doesn't want to use public speaking as a
lead-generating tool. Here's her perspective, in her own

"I don't mind speaking in public and can really enjoy it
but it doesn't feel like the right path for me at this time.
I want to take advantage of the technology available to us
and get clients from different areas outside of mine."

So, she asks....

1. How do I attract clients without public speaking?

2. How do I build my email list?

3. If you had to name the top 3 most effective outlets for building
your business without public speaking OR spending tons of money,
what would they be?

4. What are 3 things that you know now that you wish you knew
when you started?

5. What are the biggest obstacles that coaches face when building their
businesses in this way?

6. What do clients need to experience on a website, etc, in order to
experience the coach? IE, what stage needs to be set in order to let
them experience the coach enough to want to work with them?

If you're like Ellie, and know that public speaking isn't your "inspired
action," then listen in to our conversation.

Those of you interested in using public speaking as a lead-gen tool,
check out a K-Cast from May 1st, 2007, "Using Speaking Engagements
in Practice Development."

The K-Cast Archive is to the right of this page. Click on the link for
May, 2007, and (once you arrive there) scroll to the bottom of that page.

As always, I'd love to read any comments you may have on this topic.

Love and Great Joy,


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Truth about Leadership

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This first K-Cast for June is truly exciting. My guest is GinaMaria
Jerome, of The Leadership Guild. GinaMaria is a communication
expert who knows how to use the right words to create breakthrough
results. Her unique blend of leadership, transformation, and
marketing has yielded remarkable results for her clients.

A prolific writer, she has published over 250 articles and three
books. Her latest book, entitled The American Dream: A Tale of
Leadership from the Founding Founders, is an inspiring story
that expresses her belief that great leadership communicates
positive change. Be sure to check it out!

Her K-Cast interview questions are especially timely:

1. Has leadership failed us?

2. What steps are needed to heal the damage that has been caused by
recent events, and restore our faith and trust in leadership?

3. What challenges will leaders face now and what role will coaches
play in helping leaders with these challenges?

4. What skills will leaders need to succeed?

5. As leaders step into these new roles as collaborators and
coaches, what mistakes do they need to avoid?

6. What can coaches do to re-empower working people who
lost trust in the system to restore their creativity and

7. Lastly, what good things have come out of this?

When you're done listening, be sure to leave a comment. The
members of our community would love to read your views on
leadership and coaching.

Until next time!

Love and Great Joy,


P.S. Maybe you've been inspired to join me in a K-Cast production?
Send an email to Kim, at, with your
ideas. We'll get the 'ball rolling!'