Monday, October 30, 2006

The Nuts And Bolts Of Coaching

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This week, I’m again interviewed by Joanne Stein, often called “J.P.”, or “Jo”, who is a spiritually-based career coaching specialist. Her Web presence can be found at

Joanne’s questions revolve around the logistics of coaching, the “nuts and bolts”, if you will, of coaching. Here are the highlights:

At what point do you know you need (virtual) assistance?

Do you often wonder how I find my clients? Thanks to Jo’s wonderful question, I deliver what I think is a profound answer in this broadcast.

Other questions addressed in this broadcast:
  • What files might you choose to keep on your clients?
  • What policy do I have regarding last-minute cancellations?
  • Can coaching be considered “preventive maintenance”?
  • What kind of phone headset works the best for me?
  • Where do you find the most economical phone service to work with?
  • How can you keep a database of contacts – and what providers do I recommend to stay in touch with them?
Again, thank you, J.P., for your great questions!

A reminder to all of you! Contact us at, if you’re interested in being a part of these K-Casts. Your questions are always welcome – we can use them as a basis for a presentation, even if you don’t wish to interview me yourself.

Remember, you are cherished, by the three of us; the ‘two Kims’ and me!

Love and great joy,


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Monday, October 23, 2006

Boundaries In Spiritual Coaching

Hello to magnificent coaches everywhere !

We are receiving some of the best questions from you –thank you so much! This week we have the pleasure of listening to Karen’s insightful responses to the questions developed and fielded by J.P. Stein, a specialist in career coaching. Her Web site is:

The subject is: Boundaries in Spiritual Coaching, and I know you’ll find it fascinating to listen to their repartee around these questions:

What is your experience of bringing spirituality into your practice? In other words, do you let your clients know that you are a spiritual coach, or do you simply utilize your spiritual practices ‘under the radar’?

How do say positive when your coaching schedule isn’t as full as you want it to be?

How do you get the support you need?

What do you do when a friend calls and wants advice? How do you set boundaries if you decide to coach friends? (And, should you charge for your time?)

How do you determine if therapy or coaching is the right modality for a given client?

I’m always delighted to share in these informative broadcasts – what fun it is to listen in and bring them to you.

And remember! If you’d like to interview Karen on your pressing coaching questions, send an email at: We’d be thrilled to have you participate.

Love and great joy,

Kim and Kim

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Client Attraction Through Inspired Actions

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

This week’s K-Cast is an interview led by Jen Blackert, a remarkable Client Attraction Marketing Coach. Her Web presence can be found at:

Jen and Karen spend an insightful 30 minutes discussing Karen’s spiritual steps – and her inspired actions – for booking public speaking engagements, and attracting new clients.

Listen in, and learn Karen’s secrets about what she calls “inner game”, as well as the “outer game” of creation – whether it’s getting new clients or developing your public speaking engagement list.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll learn answers to these two big questions:

What is the #1 way to get new speaking engagements?

Can “cold calls” work for you? (And how can you make it “less cold”?!)

The overall goal of Karen’s approach is to be aligned with your source at all times, and she offers techniques and strategies to reach that strong sense of alignment – so that all your actions are inspired ones!

With love and great joy,

Kim and Kim

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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Profession of Coaching

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

Welcome to part 2: Again, a sincere thank you to Sarah for these questions! And thank you, dear Kim, for being a part of this PodCast series! – that’s Sarah Liddle’s Web site – check it out!

“Where do you see the profession of coaching going in 5-10 years, and then in 10-20 years?”

“What separates a good coach from a great coach?”

“What would you say to a new coach starting out? What would like to have been told when you were starting out?”

“Where do coaches go for support?”

“How can a new coach stay informed about new trends?”

Here’s a list of the resources mentioned in this week’s K-Cast:
In closing, Karen remarks that coaching is here to stay, and gathering more momentum! There’s plenty of room for growth – television shows often portray coaches; the word is getting out through the popular media, and more and more people will be looking for a coach. Why shouldn’t it be you?!

Love and great joy,

Kim and Kim

Monday, October 02, 2006

Practice Development

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

On this K-Cast, which is approximately 30 minutes, Karen is taking questions from “down under”! New Zealand coach Sarah Liddle, of Imperative Coaching (, sent a number of questions (on practice development as well as the profession of coaching) to Karen recently – and these will be the focus of this and the next K-Cast discussion between Kim Hamblin and Karen. We want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Sarah for generating such excellent questions!

“How do coaches manage to fill their practices? While some coaches can do that, there are a lot of others who can’t very easily it seems– what makes the difference?”

“What does a coach need to do to in order to fill their practice, to earn an income sufficient to quit their day job?”

“What are some of the things new coaches do wrong?”

“What are some of the things new coaches do really well?”

”What are the really, really great, high-earning coaches doing, that the others are not?”

“What is a smart action plan for a coach to fill a practice with six clients, for example?”

“What are some other sources of income, which can be accessed to assist in developing passive income?”

“There are so many different choices of coaching development products – what are some of the things you recommend for a coach’s toolbox?”

“What are the best 7 forms of marketing a new coach can use in practice development?”

Thank you, Sarah, for these wonderful questions – and for the ones we’ll cover next week!

Before we sign off this week we have one more thing we'd like to share with you. It's not about practice development but it will surly make your soul smile.

We'd like to say "thank you" to our friend Brad Yates for bringing this wonderful little movie to our attention. It is both powerful and moving and as Brad said, "it's too beautiful not to share".

Click on the link below to check it out for yourself and please tell others.

Also, please check out this wonderful little website

Thank you... Enjoy!

Love and great joy,

Kim and Kim

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