Friday, September 26, 2008

What are the Key Elements of a Successful Joint Venture?

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

Stefany Burrowes and I, have an in depth conversation about joint ventures in this weeks K-Cast.

Stefany is a CMC and PCC who has been coaching since 2001. She currently teaches acting at the Santa Fe Community College and Northern NM College, owns Sensational Wisdom: Creative Coaching & Collaboration, and publishes ‘The Theater Salon’, an e-newsletter and website about theater and film in New Mexico and the Southwest.

Coaching creatives Of all kinds – artists, actors, entrepreneurs, seekers, and anyone seeking to enhance and maintain their connection to the creative source and their passion for life. Her Website is:

Here are some of the aspects of joint ventures that we explored:

• What is a Joint Venture?
◦ How does it differ from a collaboration, trade, alliance, partnership.....?
◦ What are the key elements of a successful Joint Venture?
◦ Does this work in any industry or field of work?
◦ Why do I want to do this?
◦ What are the benefits?
◦ What are the drawbacks?
◦ Who should I work with?

Joint Ventures can be an extremely powerful (and very fun) way to grow your business. In my opinion, the best part about joint ventures is their win-win component.

Stefany ask many very specific questions around this subject, making this an extremely informative K-Cast. If you're thinking about pursuing joint ventures but still have questions,
you'll definitely want to listen.

Thank you Stefany, for all the fantastic questions. I know that this information will help so many other coaches who want to know more about joint ventures.

Remember to click on the title bar of the post to listen, or "right-click" to download the file to your computer. Enjoy.

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