Friday, April 24, 2009

Reflections on Taking Time for Reflection

Hello, once again!

I'm delighted to share this second K-Cast for April - it's valuable
for many, many reasons. Remember that you access the audio
by clicking on the title bar, or right-clicking to save it to your

This time, my guest is Kathy Trickey, a Professional Certified
Coach, trainer and consultant with over 35 years of experience
leading and guiding managers and their domestic and international
teams to reach their goals. She has two Web sites for you to explore:, and

As a “cultural bridge builder,” she assists individuals and teams
to gain skills and strategies that help them better collaborate across
such differences as nationality, culture, gender, age, function, and
organization. She conducts business in both English and Spanish.

Our conversation revolves around the idea that it's important for
everyone, including entrepreneurs, and small business-owners
to take time for introspection, and reflection. Kathy came to me
with these questions:

What do you see as the value of having reflection time?

What specific benefits have you witnessed when people allow
themselves reflection time?

What gets in the way of our creating this very valuable time for

What have you seen are the best ways to create that time,
especially for those who are so often in busy-ness mode?

What cultural or other differences have you seen in how
[men/women, older/younger, different nationalities]
address reflection that might give additional insight to
our audience?

And, finally, a pivotal closing question...

If you could sum up this discussion in terms of one key nugget or
takeaway, what would it be?

I hope you enjoy listening; and find time to incorporate this
valuable practice into your life...if you've not already done so.

And certainly, as coaches, we can support our clients by advocating
that they build 'quiet time' into their busy lives.

Until next time!

Love and Great Joy,


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Group Coaching: What Keeps Them Coming Back for More

Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

Please be aware that this K-Cast is longer than most, topping out at about 40 minutes; so if it takes a bit longer to download, don't be dismayed. As always, you'll click on the title bar to listen via streaming audio, or right-click, to download to your computer.

So, now it's time to introduce my guest, Christie James, a Life and Leadership Coach with her company, Moving Ideas into Action. She caters to small businesses, helping them to recognize their values, establish their goals and create their game plan. Christie can be reached via her website, which is

Christie came with these questions:

1. What is your definition of Group Coaching and how is it different
from one-on-one?

2. What does a successful coaching group look like?

3. What is your role? And that of the group and individuals?

4. What skills do you use?

5. What is a Mastermind and how is it different from Group

6. Do you select a topic for each session or just go where the
group leads?

8. How do you assure everyone's needs are met?

9. What do you do when members don't feel their individual needs
are being met?

10. What are some other sticking points?

11. Why do you keep coming back for more?

I hope you'll find every minute fun, and insightful.

And, let me say...if you're looking for a resource to put
group coaching to work in your practice, I've developed a program
worth it's weight in gold. You can learn more at:

Until next time!

Love and Great Joy,


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