Friday, August 14, 2009

How Spiritual Alignment Increases Productivity

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

You may have noticed that there were no K-Casts during the month of July - our focus was on the Upgrade Your Business Now consultations. We're all pleased with the major breakthroughs experienced by many of our participants - it was phenomenal to share in them!

Now, we're returning to the regular K-Cast schedule. My guest for this first K-Cast of August is Jamie Durner, BodyMind Coach. She works with her clients using a a bodymind centered approach to help you discover healing and harmony from the inside out. Interested in learning more? You can visit her Web site at:

She came to me to explore the connection between alignment and productivity. Here are the questions we used as the foundation for our conversation:

1. How can you use the number of clients in your practice to give you clues in terms of overall alignment with your truth?

2. How does the balance between doing and being as a coach allow for productivity to show up in abundance?

3. What's the difference between staying positive and focusing on the 98% that's working and being open to the cues from the BodyMind in relation to where your practice is in terms of productivity and success?

4. What are the steps or pieces of information a coach needs to define the optimal level of productivity?

5. What are the key elements I need (or a coach needs) to tap into discovering these answers?

I believe you'll be surprised by many of my answers, but I know you'll find the conversation engaging and enlightening.

Love and Great Joy,


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