Thursday, February 05, 2009

How Do You "Get the Word Out" to Your Target Market?

Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

Welcome to February. I certainly hope this second month of
the year finds you feeling wonderful, and focused on growing
your coaching practice.

This first K-Cast for the month brings Nanci Biddle
back as my guest interviewer. Her first K-Cast with me was
published back in October of last year - Halloween day, to be
exact. You can find that October, 2008 K-Cast in the Archive for
that month.

You many remember Nanci is known as "The Boundary Queen,"
and she coaches women who find themselves pulled in too many
directions. Her Web site is

In the current K-Cast, Nanci presents me with the following
questions - all of which are extremely valuable to coaches who are
looking for innovative ways to reach their niche market.

1. What would be other great ways to get the word out besides
doing a free teleclass?

2. I want to do group coaching for caregivers, where would I
find them and how would I create an interest?

3. What ideas do you have for creating a workbook (funbook) for
the group?

4. How many group coaching teleclasses would be most helpful?

5. Is this group coaching or a program if I'm implementing a

I hope you enjoy this newest K-Cast interview, and that you can
take a moment to post a comment for us.

Remember to click on the TITLE BAR to stream the audio, or
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Love and Great Joy,


P. S. If you're interested in participating in a K-Cast
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I guarantee that it's lots of fun!

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