Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeling Compelled to Take Action? Think again!

Hello Magnificent Coaches!

Welcome to another powerful K-Cast.

This week I'm joined by Deb Kolb, an empowerment coach working in Australia. Her site is

Deb wrote to me recently, saying:

"I have a part of me I call the 'steam roller' - that part that has been taught to take action even if I'm unsure, it doesn't feel right, or just taking action for the sake of taking action because I have been told I should, etc, etc.

"I had a recent experience and was talking to a coaching colleague about it and she reflected that she has the same issue. I believe this is something that will resonate with many people."

So, in this K-Cast, Deb and I will be talking about this drive to act, even when it's not the 'right time' or the 'right' action. Deb asks:

  1. What is 'inspired action'?
  2. How does it differ from 'action'?
  3. Can you give an example of inspired action?
  4. If we are unsure of what action to take, how can we identify and arrive at what our 'inspired action' is?
  5. How can we tap into 'inspired action' in our day-to-day lives?
  6. What difference will this make to our lives?

I hope you enjoy listening to our dialog as much we enjoyed the conversation!

Thank you Deb, for your wonderful sharing and brilliant questions.

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Love and Great Joy,


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