Thursday, July 17, 2008

Elements of Spiritual Coaching

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

Welcome to this months K-Cast.

In this audio presentation, I am joined by Doris Shannon, currently of Doris is in the process of creating a new web site, and prefers that if you wish to reach her,
you do so via email, at

Her questions are so utterly perfect, as they revolve around two of my favorite subjects, spirituality and spiritual coaching. Doris gets down to the crux of the matter with her initial question:

  • What is your definition or approach to spiritual coaching?

She then builds on this foundation with these questions:

  • What resources have been most helpful to you to create a spiritual component/foundation to your practice?
  • What have you tried and rejected?
  • When you become all that you are meant to be...all you were sent to be, what will you be doing that you are not doing now?
  • What gift/talent have you not begun to use?

Have you heard of the book by Mark Brewer, What Is Your Spiritual Quotient: How to Respond to Life's Toughest Issues with Spiritual Intelligence? If not, you can learn more about it at:

In reference to that book, Doris asked me, "What do you think of the idea of trying to measure ones spirituality?"

Thank you again Doris, these are great questions that made for a great discussion.


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