Sunday, August 26, 2007

Karen's take on The Secret

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

This week's K-Cast is an absolutely fascinating look at the different perspectives regarding the popular book, The Secret. I'm interviewed by Laurie Beebe, a registered dietician enjoying the process of getting her coaching certification.

Her questions about The Secret are so insightful! Thank you so much, Laurie, for this wonderful discussion about The Secret and the Law of Attraction.

If you're curious, here are Laurie's questions. Do any resonate with you?

  • Is there really a convincing basis to this principle of visualizing what you want in order to get it?
  • How much of what people receive after practicing these exercises do you think can be attributed to an outward attitude and appearance change that comes as a result from a change in their thought process?
  • Does changing your perspective and thinking positively work?

Some parts of the book make Laurie think The Secret encourages materialism and shallowness: new cars and lots of money. She asked me to address these points:

  • Have you ever seen this work as cut and dry as some might hope?
  • Have you ever had moral conflicts with a client who wants things that you feel uncomfortable helping them to pursue ?

Finally, Laurie notes there has been criticism about the book. For example, critics say people who are sick may not seek medical help; or people who have something bad happen to them will believe they actually caused it! What would you answer to that?

If you're ready to hear my responses, simply click on the title bar/link above or 'right' click and select 'Save Target As' to download the mp3 and save to your computer.


Love and Great Joy,


If listening brings up any questions for you - please send them to Kim at With your permission, they could become the basis of the next K-Cast!

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At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing this topic! As a strong follower of the Abraham/Hicks "Law of Attraction" principles, I have been struggling with The Secret and how it fits with this. I am excited to listen to your K-Cast! Keep up the inspiring work!

At 4:27 PM, Blogger coachkaren said...

Thanks so much Dana!



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