Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Subtle Layers of Communication

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

In this week's K-cast, I am joined by Sally Taylor, a personal coach, who helps professional women to determine their life purpose and learn how that purpose is being played out in the details of where they have been, where they are and where they are going. She uses an ancient Chinese medicine system of Directionology in the work she does with her clients. (For those of you interested in learning more, Sally can be reached at sally.taylor@att.net.)

Here are the questions she brings to the K-Cast "table." I have used them almost verbatim, as Sally asked them, as she does such a fine job of setting things up for you:
  • As living beings we are both receivers and transmitters of thoughts, ideas. The energy that is present when these thoughts/ideas are received or transmitted differentiates what we call them: Information, knowledge and wisdom. Each has different energy and each describes a different dynamic. Would you like to talk about how you choose what is needed, information, knowledge or wisdom? And when to offer it?
  • I know that when I've worked with you I experience a "dance" with the different levels we are communicating on. Sometimes you're offering information - look on the Internet, have you read this book. Sometimes you're offering the knowledge of your experience, and sometimes some profound wisdom just pops into the conversation. I find this interesting because this "dance" that's taking place appears to me to come from and a dynamic mix of what you receive through deep cognitive listening and what you receive through deep intuitive listening to Spirit or the Universe. - Sally and I talk about the experience of this "dance".
Sally's next questions, in her own words:
  • It seems to me that there is often some larger communication taking place in our coaching sessions. There is a unifying spiritual dynamic, and ultimately there is a spiritual message that needs to be communicated. Do you also have a sense of this? What is your experience of that dimension of your work?
  • My next question or subject is about the leap from being a creator to being a generator. As a client, for example, I have used the information, knowledge and wisdom I've received from you and applied it to creating my business. Really, I've worked with you on this from the beginning when all I knew was that I wanted to create a business. I did not know how to even think about that or what it might be.
  • And what came to my attention while I was meditating the other day is that I've moved beyond being a creator of a business to being a generator of business. Create means originate or father. Generate means to bring into existence. For me there is a feeling difference. For example, we don't tell someone to go out and create new clients. Instead, we generate new clients. Until recently, I felt myself to be the creator of a business.
  • And now that I have solidly brought that business into existence, it expands, and because of the nature of what I do, it helps others bring their dreams into existence - it is generative. And it is generating not only new clients, but new products as well as revenue. What I felt was a subtle shift in myself, in the way I see myself and see my business when this idea came into my experience. So I was wondering if you had your own unique feelings or experiences with this?
Pretty intriguing, don't you think? I invite you to please join us in this wonderful conversation about the subtle layers of communication.

I'm sure you'll find it a new way to explore the dynamics between coach and client.

To listen in, simply click on the title bar above, or to download for later, right click on the title bar.


With Love and Great Joy,



If listening brings up any questions for you - please send them to Kim at assistant@karencappello.com. With your permission, they could become the basis of the next K-Cast!

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