Thursday, March 05, 2009

Guided Imagery in Coaching: A Fantastic Tool for Transformation!

Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

The first K-Cast of March is here!

This time around the topic is Guided Imagery - a tool I use often in coaching my clients.
My guest interviewer is Glenda Cedarleaf, a LICSW, holistic psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with Partners in Healing of Minneapolis.

Her passion is guided imagery. She uses this practice to help clients realize creative goals--reinforcing images of empowerment, inspiration and transformation. She creates custom guided imagery CD's that use the power of the unconscious for weight loss, creative inspiration, reinforcing life purpose, inner child healing, healing from trauma and addictions, promoting relaxing sleep, and creating daily spiritual/healing practices.

She comes to the table with questions - which isn't surprising, I know! Here they are:

1.Why is visualization an effective way to find and reinforce your creative goals?

2. How did you first learn about visualization and why were you interested in it?

3. Karen, tell me about a transforming experience you have had when using visualization or guided imagery?

4. How is visualization different from meditation....For those who find it difficult to this different/easier?

5. What are some success stories you have seen with clients who use visualization?

6. How can people learn to do this on their own?

7. Who might benefit from a custom imagery cd?

You'll be clicking on the title bar to access the audio, or "right-clicking" to download it to your computer for later listening.

Guided imagery has served me well, both personally and professionally. I hope you'll post your comments about this technique to the blog - let's get a conversation started!

Love and Great Joy,


About Glenda

For more information about Glenda's counseling practice visit: Partners in Healing of Minneapolis. For details on the women's retreats she co-leads, stop in at: - and to learn more about guided imagery CDs, see:

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