Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Truth about Leadership

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This first K-Cast for June is truly exciting. My guest is GinaMaria
Jerome, of The Leadership Guild. GinaMaria is a communication
expert who knows how to use the right words to create breakthrough
results. Her unique blend of leadership, transformation, and
marketing has yielded remarkable results for her clients.

A prolific writer, she has published over 250 articles and three
books. Her latest book, entitled The American Dream: A Tale of
Leadership from the Founding Founders, is an inspiring story
that expresses her belief that great leadership communicates
positive change. Be sure to check it out!

Her K-Cast interview questions are especially timely:

1. Has leadership failed us?

2. What steps are needed to heal the damage that has been caused by
recent events, and restore our faith and trust in leadership?

3. What challenges will leaders face now and what role will coaches
play in helping leaders with these challenges?

4. What skills will leaders need to succeed?

5. As leaders step into these new roles as collaborators and
coaches, what mistakes do they need to avoid?

6. What can coaches do to re-empower working people who
lost trust in the system to restore their creativity and

7. Lastly, what good things have come out of this?

When you're done listening, be sure to leave a comment. The
members of our community would love to read your views on
leadership and coaching.

Until next time!

Love and Great Joy,


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