Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Looking for Fierce Marketing Ideas?

Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

For the first K-Cast of May, I'm delighted to share a conversation I had recently with Rachel Rodriquez, who comes with questions about outreach and marketing your coaching services in a small community.

These are issues she is facing in her own practice, and I'm clear that many coaches face this same dilemma; after all, we are all living in small communities - even when we reside in large cities!

Rachel Rodriguez is a highly motivated and FIERCE lady with a passion for living to the fullest and helping others do the same. She works with women who are at a crossroads, women who want a more fabulous life.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom Rachel worked as a Civil Affairs specialist helping provide aid and relief to Iraqi civilians. After her tour, Rachel returned to her position as a Management Trainee and Analyst for Toyota Motor Sales National USA Headquarters. Her website is

Here are her questions....

1. What is the best/most effective way to market yourself when in a small community?

2. How do I show my value or experience to be an effective coach if I'm just starting out?

3. How do I encourage family and friends to share the news about my coaching business; especially when some of them are leery about coaching as a profession?

4. When in a social environment, what is a good way to bring up being a coach and offering your services?

Remember to click on the title bar to listen - or right click, to download the audio to your computer. I hope you enjoy this K-Cast production - and look forward to another later in the month.

Love and Great Joy,


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