Sunday, June 28, 2009

What if Public Speaking Isn't Your Forte?

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

My guest is the delightful Ellie Jacques-Capon, of She works with creatives of
all sorts, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists; looking to take their
lives to the next grander vision of themselves.

In building her own coaching practice, Ellie is clear about
one thing: she doesn't want to use public speaking as a
lead-generating tool. Here's her perspective, in her own

"I don't mind speaking in public and can really enjoy it
but it doesn't feel like the right path for me at this time.
I want to take advantage of the technology available to us
and get clients from different areas outside of mine."

So, she asks....

1. How do I attract clients without public speaking?

2. How do I build my email list?

3. If you had to name the top 3 most effective outlets for building
your business without public speaking OR spending tons of money,
what would they be?

4. What are 3 things that you know now that you wish you knew
when you started?

5. What are the biggest obstacles that coaches face when building their
businesses in this way?

6. What do clients need to experience on a website, etc, in order to
experience the coach? IE, what stage needs to be set in order to let
them experience the coach enough to want to work with them?

If you're like Ellie, and know that public speaking isn't your "inspired
action," then listen in to our conversation.

Those of you interested in using public speaking as a lead-gen tool,
check out a K-Cast from May 1st, 2007, "Using Speaking Engagements
in Practice Development."

The K-Cast Archive is to the right of this page. Click on the link for
May, 2007, and (once you arrive there) scroll to the bottom of that page.

As always, I'd love to read any comments you may have on this topic.

Love and Great Joy,


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At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Louisa said...

Hi Karen,

I don't know if speaking is my forte but after doing a few speaking engagements I find that love the energy of a live crowd and the interaction with them.

Sometimes we never know what we are good at until we try. Right now I am looking forward to more speaking engagements from the stage - the bigger the crowd, the more motivated I am, to give and deliver.

Thanks for all your sharing at k-cast, great stuff.

Louisa Chan


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