Monday, November 27, 2006

Exploring the Law of Attraction

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This week’s K-Cast is very deep – and I want to thank Nichole Santoro for bringing these questions to the forefront. Her self-penned byline is this: "Go Mommy! Nichole Santoro is a Life Coach & Career Coach who inspires working moms to design rewarding family-friendly careers and work-life balance." Her Web site is:

The questions for this week are:

  • You've recommended reading of Ask & It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The equation that stood out for me from that book is: DESIRE + BELIEF + STRONG EMOTION = MANIFESTATION. If you are at liberty to share, what client experience comes to mind when you think of the greatest vibrational shift - or shift in that client's beliefs – that facilitated what others might have perceived as an "unlikely" occurrence or at best, good ol' fashioned luck/coincidence.
  • What kinds of exercises have seemed to work really well for your clients to strengthen their beliefs? For examples, writing daily affirmations, designing a collage board with pictures of desired states, simply getting into action, etc?
  • One thing that troubles me about the law of attraction is this. As coaches, we tend to be very giving, supporting philanthropic causes locally and abroad. Say for example, the myriads of breast cancer survivor walks. While this appears to be a very noble cause (like many non-profits) - i.e. in this case raising money for research - does the principle of law of attraction suggest that by our mere focus on these walks, we're perpetuating the very disease we're trying to eradicate? What might be an alternative solution to reach that desired goal?
  • The book Law of Attraction written by the same authors suggests that the purpose of ACTION is not to get from where we are to where we want to be, but rather, the PURPOSE of action is to enjoy the manifestation of our desires, to dance in the moment. When we use action as a "how" to get to our goals, we're being extremely inefficient.
  • SO! Let's say that I want to coach Karen Cappello, life coach extraordinaire. Taking this principle literally, I imagine and believe that you'll want to be coached by me...and voila! you ask me for a coaching session! My ACTION wasn't my calling you or sending you a brochure for example, but rather raising my vibration high enough to match my desires. Indeed, my ACTION is ENJOYING the process of coaching you, which was my goal.
  • My question is...TRUE or FALSE? In coaching we talk about creating goals & action steps, so I'm curious about the possibilities here.
  • As a native Chicagoan, what kind of pizza most attracts you, and how is this reflected in your personal coaching style? :D

Perhaps these questions bring to mind questions you’d like to see addressed in upcoming K-Casts? Please write my assistant, at Kim will be delighted to set up an interview date and time with you.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

When is it Time to Re-Focus or Renew Client Objectives?

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This week I’m interviewed by Jamee Tenzer. You can learn more about her coaching at: or

Today, Jamee is curious as to my perspective on the following questions:

  • What do you do when you feel that a client is ready to complete coaching, but they don't seem to be talking about it…how do you start that conversation?
  • In terms of having a potential client really get the potential value of coaching for them, what is the most important aspect of that initial complimentary session?
  • What do you do if a client comes to a session with no issues and "nothing" to talk about?
  • Is it ethical to charge a corporation more than you charge an individual for coaching? If so, how is that justified?
  • How can you tell the difference between clients who are not interested in coaching now and potential clients that will never be interested…in other words, who to keep in touch with?
What wonderful questions, Jamee; thank you so much for your thinking; and your bright presence in this week’s K-Cast!

If these questions stirred new directions, providing a new focus for an upcoming K-Cast, please send an e-mail to Kim Stacey at She’ll be delighted to set an interview appointment for us.

If you’ve come up with answers of your own to these questions, and would enjoy sharing them with us, please post them here to the K-Cast blog – or if you’d rather send them directly to me, please do so, at

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Love and great joy,


Monday, November 06, 2006

Honoring Reluctant Prospects

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This week, I’m interviewed by Anne Kelly, who specializes in coaching “light workers”: energy workers, healers, people with mind/spirit, heart/soul connections. Her Web site is:

Anne’s questions provide a wonderful basis for our K-Cast this week:

1. What are your ideas on a response which would bring reluctant individuals to a sample session, while honoring their perception of how their time is best spent?

2. What is the “just right” number of times to follow-up with a prospect?

3. What should I emphasize when offering a sample session to someone?

4. How long do you recommend offering a service or product, which does not immediately catch on? Is there an easy way to know when to move on to something new, as opposed to giving a new service or product additional germination time?

5. What golden opportunity are most coaches missing in their practices? For instance, do you recommend all coaches have an e-zine, information product, or in person seminars? Do one or two stand out as essential, in your experience?

I loved the time spent with Anne in this session – thank you so much, Anne, for asking such great questions!

If any of you are thinking of scheduling a K-Cast interview, please write Kim Stacey, at She’ll be delighted to schedule a 30 minute time slot for us!

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