Monday, November 06, 2006

Honoring Reluctant Prospects

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Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

This week, I’m interviewed by Anne Kelly, who specializes in coaching “light workers”: energy workers, healers, people with mind/spirit, heart/soul connections. Her Web site is:

Anne’s questions provide a wonderful basis for our K-Cast this week:

1. What are your ideas on a response which would bring reluctant individuals to a sample session, while honoring their perception of how their time is best spent?

2. What is the “just right” number of times to follow-up with a prospect?

3. What should I emphasize when offering a sample session to someone?

4. How long do you recommend offering a service or product, which does not immediately catch on? Is there an easy way to know when to move on to something new, as opposed to giving a new service or product additional germination time?

5. What golden opportunity are most coaches missing in their practices? For instance, do you recommend all coaches have an e-zine, information product, or in person seminars? Do one or two stand out as essential, in your experience?

I loved the time spent with Anne in this session – thank you so much, Anne, for asking such great questions!

If any of you are thinking of scheduling a K-Cast interview, please write Kim Stacey, at She’ll be delighted to schedule a 30 minute time slot for us!

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