Monday, October 09, 2006

The Profession of Coaching

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

Welcome to part 2: Again, a sincere thank you to Sarah for these questions! And thank you, dear Kim, for being a part of this PodCast series! – that’s Sarah Liddle’s Web site – check it out!

“Where do you see the profession of coaching going in 5-10 years, and then in 10-20 years?”

“What separates a good coach from a great coach?”

“What would you say to a new coach starting out? What would like to have been told when you were starting out?”

“Where do coaches go for support?”

“How can a new coach stay informed about new trends?”

Here’s a list of the resources mentioned in this week’s K-Cast:
In closing, Karen remarks that coaching is here to stay, and gathering more momentum! There’s plenty of room for growth – television shows often portray coaches; the word is getting out through the popular media, and more and more people will be looking for a coach. Why shouldn’t it be you?!

Love and great joy,

Kim and Kim


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