Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Learn My Secrets of Success

Hello, Magnificent Coach {!firstname_fix},

I'm excited to share the second K-Cast of May with you.
This "Secrets of Success" broadcast was the brainchild of Louisa Chan, of
Abundant Lives Coaching (www.abundantlivescoaching.com).

Remember to click on the title bar to stream the
audio, or
right-click to download to your computer.

Louisa is a Certified Processional Coach, who works with people
who are seeking to create success beyond limitation, a more abundant
life in every aspect.

One thing that keeps many from living a truly successful and
empowered life is the sense of overwhelm. For a free audio and
ecourse on how to have success without the stress you can visit her
companion site, www.WorkWithOneHeart.com/stressfree.

Here are some of the questions which formed the basis of our K-Cast

1. Would you say that you are quite a successful coach today and how
would you define that success?

2. What is the secret of your success?

3. What will bring you to the next level, from a 6-figure coach to a
7-figure coach?

4. Would you say that this secret can be used by all budding coaches?
In all niche areas from all cultures?

5. Looking back what may you have done differently? What is your
advice to budding,"bamboo" coaches?

Certainly, all the information found in this K-Cast is beneficial to
"bamboo" and seasoned coaches!

Remember to click on the title bar, or right-click to download
to your computer.

Do You Know the Amazing Power of Accountability?

There's another audio I want to make sure you've heard.
Last week we had the Secrets of Accountability teleseminar,
and it was a rousing success. You can find that audio here:


I've opened membership to the newly-redesigned eCommunity
Mentor Coaching Club at a truly affordable rate: $97.00 per month,
for three hours of group coaching calls.

This rate is available until midnight, June 1st, 2009 - after that, the
rate is $147.00 per month. Still a wonderful value.

There's truly nothing like the synergy of the group, and the power
of mentor coaching - accountability in your practice development
works miracles, both large and small!

It's my intention to provide the coaches in our community the support
they need to build a thriving practice...with ease and joy!

You can sign up for the program from the mentorcoachingclub.com
Web page.

So, that's it for May. Keep your eyes open for the next K-Cast, to be
posted during the second week of June.

Love and Great Joy,


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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Looking for Fierce Marketing Ideas?

Hello, Magnificent Coaches!

For the first K-Cast of May, I'm delighted to share a conversation I had recently with Rachel Rodriquez, who comes with questions about outreach and marketing your coaching services in a small community.

These are issues she is facing in her own practice, and I'm clear that many coaches face this same dilemma; after all, we are all living in small communities - even when we reside in large cities!

Rachel Rodriguez is a highly motivated and FIERCE lady with a passion for living to the fullest and helping others do the same. She works with women who are at a crossroads, women who want a more fabulous life.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom Rachel worked as a Civil Affairs specialist helping provide aid and relief to Iraqi civilians. After her tour, Rachel returned to her position as a Management Trainee and Analyst for Toyota Motor Sales National USA Headquarters. Her website is www.thefiercecoach.com.

Here are her questions....

1. What is the best/most effective way to market yourself when in a small community?

2. How do I show my value or experience to be an effective coach if I'm just starting out?

3. How do I encourage family and friends to share the news about my coaching business; especially when some of them are leery about coaching as a profession?

4. When in a social environment, what is a good way to bring up being a coach and offering your services?

Remember to click on the title bar to listen - or right click, to download the audio to your computer. I hope you enjoy this K-Cast production - and look forward to another later in the month.

Love and Great Joy,


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