Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How does the Law of Attraction compare with Religion?

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Hello Magnificent Coaches,

I'm delighted to share with you the first K-Cast of the new year.

I'm joined in this K-Cast by Dana Zurbuchen. Dana is a professional coach who works with small business owners to grow their business and create better balance between work and life. You can find out more about Dana at:

Dana wanted to explore a very fascinating subject matter. How does the Law of Attraction compete with, or compare to, religion? How do coaches bring the Law of Attraction to those clients who have a strong religious commitment?

Here are some of the wonderful questions that Dana brought to the conversation:
  • How does The Law compete with/compare to religion?
  • How does a coach bridge the gap between The Law and Religion for those clients who are deeply committed to their religious practices?
  • How does a coach communicate principles of The Law to a client with a strong religious foundation?
  • How does a coach respond to a client who demonstrates resistance to The Law?
  • How does a coach honor the client’s commitment to religion and help them integrate the Law of Attraction into their life?
  • How does a coach resolve “doing what God wants” and creating their own experience?
This a wonderful topic and I feel that Dana and I were able to cover a lot of ground surrounding this matter. Thank you Dana. I know that all of the coaches listening will find this K-Cast very helpful.


With Love and Great Joy,


If listening brings up any questions for you - please send them to Kim at With your permission, they could become the basis of the next K-Cast!

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