Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Qualities Of A Magnificent Coach

Hello Magnificent Coaches,

In this 24 minute Pod Cast, Karen is interviewed by Nicki McClusky, of Here Karen is asked,

“What are the qualities of magnificent coaches?”

Exquisite listening: they have a way of listening from the soul: for values, for vision, for purpose, in addition to hearing the client’s actual words.

Seeing the client as they truly are: which is absolutely magnificent! You see the client in their true magnificence. You see them in their very best, that they can do anything, and that they really do have all the answers.

Encouraging the client: through this often-messy process: Self-development can get messy (just think of the mud! Could that be why people don’t choose to dig deeper for the buried treasure within them – because of the messiness?

A Strong Capacity to Love: true appreciation of the client’s magnificence.

Exquisite Selfishness: Magnificent coaches support the client in two ways:
1. Shining examples of self-care in action
2. Elicit the self-care strategies of their clients, and help them implement them.

Choosing to support yourself as coach: In giving yourself the self-development, self-care, and other nurturing activities – you allow more support, energetically, to come into your life.

Exquisite coach-ability: The magnificent coach is open to learning, open to being coached; open to self-introspection and self-growth.

We will leave you with this final question, “What qualities do you look for in your coach?”


Love and Great Joy,
Kim Stacey
VA to Karen Cappello

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Choosing Partners

Hello Magnificent Coaches!

Karen is interviewed this week by Barbara Schreiber, idea strategist, who can be found at

This 30-minute interview thoroughly covers the subject of choosing a business partner. Karen discusses how she defines a business partner, and what, for her, makes an ideal business partner.

With her usual wit complemented so brilliantly by Barbara, Karen explores the advantages of having a partner: personal growth, synergistic exchange – and exponential growth of energy; an antidote to the rather isolating life of having a home-based coaching practice – and partnering up can also be just plain fun!

Karen’s request for this K-Cast: Take some time to think about your core values, and go through the Standards of Presence, and truly make them your own – tweak them, change them if necessary. Then look for resonance with your potential partners, and there you have it!

What are your 5 Core Values?

What are 5 Key Agreements, or Standards that are important for you in a partner?

To receive your own copy of the Standards of Presence click here.

Love and Great Joy,
Kim Stacey
VA to Karen Cappello

Closing remarks: It’s really worth having some partners – because partnerships can really make a difference in the quality of life. Questions? Comments? Write:
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